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Island Inn Condominium Association
Alteration Request Form

Upload the following additional information: (Please use upload function at the bottom of this form)


For interior / exterior unit modifications including windows or sliders:

  • A sketch, including the dimensions, of the proposed modifications.

  • Details of the materials to be used.

  • The location of the modification within the unit.

For alterations that require City Permitting:

  • Copy of the Notice of Commencement.

  • Copy of the Building Permit.

  • Proposal from Licensed Contractor. 


If Contractors are used in the project::

  • Copy of the Contractor Business License.

  • Copy of the Contractor's Certificate of Insurance.



Important Notice:

I understand that no work may commence without written approval; and that the Association has 30 days from receipt of this application to approve the request. A processing fee may be charged if the Association needs to consult with a contractor or architect to review the application or for permits, etc.

Upon approval of this request, I will assume all liability for any damage caused to the Common Elements and/or Limited Common Elements as a result of this modification or service vendors I employ. I also agree to comply with all building code requirements and obtain all local and/or governmental permits that may be required. In addition, I agree to hire only contractors that are licensed, bonded and insured.

I will abide by all Association rules and published specifications, requirements, etc. and understand that all work is subject to inspection by the Association for proper compliance.

I understand that when removing tile, refinishing floors or performing any other work that is likely to produce dust it is required that the workmen tape doorways, vacuum frequently and make all reasonable efforts to restrict the dust to my unit and minimize problems for neighbors.

I understand that all construction debris must be disposed of offsite. No debris or materials may be stored in any common element. No debris or materials may be disposed of using the Association's dumpsters. 

Owners will be held strictly liable for violation of these restrictions and for all damages resulting there from and the Association has the right to require immediate removal of violations.

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Thanks for submitting!

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