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Island Inn Condominium Association
Summary of Rules for Contractors

  1. Any structural changes or remodeling projects must be approved by the Board. Ensure Board approval has been granted before beginning any substantial changes. Owners are required to complete the Alteration Request Form.

  2. All contractors, cleaners and sub-contractors must have a current and valid Pinellas County Local Business Tax Registration and submit proof of same for the Association's file.

  3. Prior to authorization for access, contractors, cleaners and subcontractors must produce from their insurance carrier a Certificate of Insurance of General Liability of no less than $500,000 per occurrence and no less than $1,000,000 aggregate, and provide proof of Worker's Compensation coverage satisfying minimum statutory limits. COI’s must list the Island Inn Condominium Association, Inc. as Certificate Holder, Additional Insured and Waiving Subrogation.

  4. All contractors and sub-contractors that perform activities requiring professional licensing and/or permitting, must have the required valid Business Licenses & Permits, and submit proof of same for the Association's file.

  5. Contractors are permitted Monday through Saturday between the hours of 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. Cleaners are permitted seven days a week between the hours of 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

  6. All contractors, cleaners and sub-contractors must Check- In through the Front Desk and access must be coordinated by the Unit Owner/Rental Agent with the Front Desk. The owner or Rental Agent must provide permission in writing to allow unit access. This rule also applies to friends and/or family members of Owner. No access is granted without authorization.

  7. To assist the Association with containing rising Utility costs, Cleaners are requested to set AC units to 73 Degree-Fahrenheit as part of their room cleaning routine.

  8. Each Unit Owner is responsible for his contractor's, cleaner’s and sub-contractor's actions and inactions while on the Property at their own risk and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Condominium Association, their staff and other companies contracted by the Association against any liability or damages which might arise in connection with the Contractor’s, Cleaner’s or Sub-Contractor’s activities on the Condominium Property or Condominium Parking lots.

  9. The Island Inn is a Non-Smoking property. No smoking or any form of vaping is allowed outside of the designated smoking area. Therefore, smoking is prohibited inside units, lobby, hallways, on balconies, patios, in parking lots, and pool area.


    1. No Parking is allowed in front of the Building Main Entrance. Workers will be allowed to briefly unload their materials and equipment outside the main entrance.

    2. After unloading, workers must park their vehicles in the parking lot across the road from the Island Inn property or other areas specified by the Association (or, the Onsite Management Company).

    3. Contractor’s parking: Vendors are required to park vehicles in the Additional Parking Lot across the street. Vendors must request a parking pass/permit. The parking pass/permit must be placed on the dash of the vehicle and the Registration number of the vehicle, room number and dates must be visible at all times while on property. Vehicles not in compliance are subjected to being towed.

  11. The Lobby must always be kept clean and free of all material, tools or debris. Do not stage any items or debris in the Lobby. The Lobby must be clear at all times. Packages delivered by Bona Fide Delivery companies can be staged in the lobby for a maximum of 30 minutes after delivery.

  12. Elevators may be used for purposes of transporting materials, tools or workers as a means of ingress and egress to and from a Unit, however large and/or messy material will not be allowed in the elevators and must be carried to the unit using the North or South stairwells.

  13. Elevators must always be kept clean and free of all debris. Do not leave items or debris in the Elevators and clean up spillage.

  14. Work preparations will not be allowed in the parking lots, i.e.:   mixing of paints, mud, grout, concrete etc.

  15. Grout, paint, wall mud or any other material may not be poured down Building drains, sinks, toilets or bathtubs.  Check with the Association Maintenance Manager for location of cleaning areas.

  16. No radios or music streaming will be allowed in the Building, unless used with headphones.

  17. Breaks and lunches, if taken inside the Building must be confined to the Owner's Unit.

  18. Workers are not to wander around in areas other than the specific area or Unit to which they are assigned. 

  19. Loading/ Unloading: Property luggage carts may NOT be used by vendors. You must provide and use your own carts to transport any materials, equipment, supplies, etc. When transporting items be sure not to cause damage to walls, elevators, railings, doors, etc. Any such damage will be the responsibility of the vendor. If the vendor fails to cover the damage, the cost of repairs will be passed on to the owner.

  20. Trash Removal: Trash generated from contractors/vendors may not be disposed of on property. Debris including packaging materials MUST be disposed of offsite. Do not dispose of any construction debris in the Association dumpsters or on Association property. Large items such as but not limited to furniture, appliances, etc. must be disposed of offsite.

  21. Hallways must always be kept clean and free of all debris. Do not place items or debris in the hallways. The hallways must be clear at all times.

  22. Unit smoke alarms are to be left in place.  They are to be properly protected during the interior finish work with generates heavy airborne particles, i.e., sanding and painting.

  23. Responsibility of Damage to Building: Grout or thin set may not be disposed in the unit plumbing. Worker will be expected to remove their own material. Subcontractors are not to leave or perform any work in the common areas. The cost of any repairs to the common area or to the other units will be assessed to the owner/contractor.

  24. Utility interruptions must be planned and requested with at least 24-hour notice.

  25. Should a contractor, cleaner or sub-contractor discover a defect in a Unit, they must notify the Association immediately, so that the defect may be verified and corrected prior to doing any work which might be impacted by the defect.

  26. A contractor or cleaner shall be liable to the Association for damage to the common elements caused by the contractor, or cleaner, or employee of the contractor. Each contractor or cleaner agrees to use the common elements only in accordance with such reasonable rules and regulations as are promulgated from time to time by the directors of the Association for the use thereof.

  27. Activities will be monitored. Non-compliance to Association rules may result in contractors, cleaners or sub-contractors being banned from the Building.

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