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Island Inn Condominium Association
Summary of Rules, Restrictions & Regulations
for Owners



  1. The Island Inn is a Non-Smoking property. No smoking or any form of vaping is allowed outside of the designated smoking area. Therefore, smoking is prohibited inside units, lobby, hallways, on balconies, patios, in parking lots, and pool area.

  2. Island Inn Condominium units shall not be used for homesteading purposes or home occupational licensing and therefore, units may not be occupied by their owner(s) for more than a total of 90 days in any consecutive 12-month period.

  3. All Owners, Hotel-Guests and Guests of Owners must Check-In through the Front Desk. As a Condo Hotel it is imperative that a Full Guest Register is maintained. This is required by Florida Statutes, City Ordinances and the Condominium Governing Documents.

  4. Unit Access - The Guest or Guest of Owner must provide booking information or Owner’s permission in writing to receive unit access. This rule also applies to family members of owners. No access is granted without authorization.

  5. Owner cedes all Common Area usage(patio and pool use) and Parking rights to Owner’s guest during the period the room is occupied/rented.


    1. No parking is allowed in front of the Main Entrance. Please use parking bays to park vehicles. Owners and Guests must request a parking pass/permit. The parking pass/permit must be placed on the dash of the vehicle and the Registration number of the vehicle, room number and dates must be visible at all times while on property. Vehicles not in compliance are subjected to being towed. If the Main Parking Lot is full, Owners/Guests may load or unload vehicle on Main Parking Lot but must then park vehicle on Additional Lot across the street.

    2. Parking Allocation per unit:

      1. One parking per room,

      2. Two parking spaces per Double-Suite, and

      3. Three parking spaces per Penthouse.

    3. Reserved parking bay spots are available for rent to owners. The Association maintains a waiting list for these parking bays and the rental of these parking bays are subject to the RESERVED PARKING BAY RENTAL POLICY. The rental of a parking bay does not replace the allocated parking allocation for the unit, the rented parking bay will be added to the normal allocated space(s).

    4. Parking is offered to guests for the period of their stay and expires at 2pm on the day of departure. Guests that are not staying in the Island Inn Building, are not allowed to make use of the Island Inn parking lots. Non-compliance will result in vehicles being towed.

    5. Parking for Day-visitors are limited. A Day-Visitor parking pass will be issued for 1 day with validity up to 5PM of the day issued.

    6. Additional parking for visitors of Guests is limited and subject to approval from the Association or Company contracted by the Association to manage parking allocations.

    7. All Employees of the Association and Employees of any Company operating at the Island, must park their vehicles in the parking lot across the street. Non-compliance will result in vehicles being towed from the property without prior notice.

    8. All commercial vehicles of any kind or description, campers, boats and boat trailers are specifically prohibited from parking on the main condominium property. Prior arrangement must be made for parking in the parking lot across the road. No vehicles shall be stored on the premises.

    9. Owners visiting the Island Inn, and not staying as a guest in the Island Inn, can request a Day-Visitor parking pass.

  7. Rules governing Reserved Parking bays:

    1. The use of a Reserved Parking Bay is restricted to the Owner who rents the specific parking bay or their Guests.

    2. The Reserved Parking bays are for the use of said Guests or Owners to park their vehicle during their stay at, or visit to, the Island Inn. However, the Owner's Vehicle can be stored in the Reserved Parking bay for periods longer than a week, only with prior approval from the Board.

    3. All vehicles parked in the Reserved Parking bays must conform to the following rules:

    4. Vehicle must be Registered and display a valid registration tag.

    5. The vehicle must have valid Insurance.

    6. A Vehicle is not allowed to be backed into the parking bay - the vehicle must be parked with the front of the vehicle facing the wall.

    7. No items other than the vehicle may be stored in the parking space. No loose items are allowed to be placed anywhere in the space.

    8. No items are allowed to be placed on top of, or attached to the vehicle, including bumper carriers etc.

    9. Any items inside the vehicle must not be visible to individuals walking past the vehicle.

    10. For vehicles that are stored for extended periods, the owner will be responsible to keep the vehicle clean. Dust build-up is unsightly and the vehicle will need to be cleaned at least once a month.

    11. For vehicles that are stored for extended periods, the owner will be responsible to provide details of a person locally who could access/move the vehicle if necessary. In case of area evacuations, the Owner will have to arrange for the evacuation of the vehicle if the evacuation is required by authorities.

    12. The Island Inn Association Board reserves the right to request the removal or issue instructions for Towing of any vehicle that is deemed unsightly, harmful or dangerous to the property or passing traffic.

    13. The owner will be required to sign acceptance of all liability. The Island Inn Association will not accept any liability for any damage caused by the vehicle or to the vehicle.

    14. The Island Inn Condominium Association will not accept Liability or Responsibility for any vehicle parked at the Island Inn, even if the Board approved the long term storage request for a vehicle.

    15. Any vehicle that is parked in a Reserved Parking bay, and not adhering to the stated Rules/Requirements, will be Towed without providing prior notice to the owner of the vehicle.

  8. Property luggage carts are provided to Hotel-Guests for transportation of luggage and may NOT be used by owners or cleaners to transport cleaning material or equipment. You must provide and use your own carts to transport any materials, equipment, supplies, etc. When transporting items be sure not to cause damage to walls, elevators, railings, doors, etc. Any such damage will be the responsibility of the owner if not paid by the guest. Luggage carts are not allowed inside units - PLEASE RETURN LUGGAGE CARTS TO LOBBY IMMEDIATELY AFTER USE.

  9. The Lobby must always be kept clean and free of all material, tools or debris. Do not stage any items or debris in the Lobby. Packages delivered by Bona Fide Delivery companies can be staged in the lobby for a maximum of 30 minutes after delivery.

  10. Hallways must always be kept clean and free of all debris. Do not place items or debris in the hallways. The hallways must be clear at all times.

  11. Trash Removal - Trash generated by guests must be left in room for Housekeeping to clear out or placed in the Trash Receptacles provided on each floor. All garbage/trash placed in the Trash Receptacles must be in plastic bags and tied closed.

  12. Any large debris including packaging materials MUST be disposed of offsite. Do not dispose of any debris in the Association dumpsters or on Association property. Large items such as, but not limited to furniture, appliances, etc. must be disposed of offsite.

  13. The connection and use of electrical extension cords to extend electricity supply beyond any unit or connecting electrical extension cords to other outdoor electrical outlets is prohibited.

  14. During the Turtle Nesting Season(1 May to 31 October), all drapes must be drawn at night to prevent light from being visible from the Beach area. Owners are advised to install Turtle-Friendly globes or Turtle-Friendly Window Film to block light. County officials will issue fines for violations and fines will be passed on to Unit Owners.

  15. The use of skateboards, scooters and/or loud or obnoxious toys are prohibited. Children may be removed from the Common Elements for misbehavior by or on the instructions of the Board. There is no life guard on duty.  Unit owners and guest assume full responsibility for incidents resulting from using the facility.

  16. Bicycles are prohibited in the lobby, elevators and stairwells.

  17. Guests are using unit balconies at their own risk. Children are not allowed to use the balconies without adult supervision. Climbing on or hanging over railings is prohibited. Guests are also not allowed to climb on chairs or tables placed on the balcony. 

  18. Cooking on Balconies. The use of any type of cooking appliance on the balconies, including charcoal burners, electric/lava rock grills or gas grills of any kind is strictly prohibited. Out-door grills are available on the beach.

  19. Barbecue Grill Usage - Use of the Barbecue grills shall only be allowed where the grills are located which is in areas designated as safe and appropriate by the Board. In accordance with the Florida Fire Prevention Code (Fifth Edition), effective December 31, 2014, no hibachis, grills or other similar devices for cooking, heating or any other purpose shall be used, kindled or stored on terraces or any other Limited Common Element areas, or within 10 feet of the Building or other structure. This includes the patio areas.


    1. Owners and their Guests are required to request the use of Boat Docks and need to provide Boat Registration details prior to arrival.

    2. The use of Boat docks is offered to owners and guests for the period of their stay and expires at 2pm on the day of departure.

    3. Boats are not allowed to be stored at the Boat docks.


    1. Proper attire is required in the Pool area. In accordance with the County Health Department, bathers must shower before use of the swimming pool.

    2. No person shall use the pool unless it is officially open and access is allowed into the Pool Area. The scheduled hours will be established by the Board of Directors and posted.

    3. For safety reasons, children under the age of 12 may not use the pool unless accompanied by an adult.

    4. Pets are not allowed in the Pool. (Enforcement in accordance with Federal Laws relating to Service animals and Emotional support animals)

    5. The use of the pool is reserved for Guests booked into the Hotel.

    6. Use of the pool will be refused to all persons who appear intoxicated, or who otherwise may appear a threat to their own safety or the safety of others.

    7. No Food or Drink allowed in the Pool and any glass or breakable items are prohibited in and around the pool, and on the pool deck.

    8. Persons using suntan lotion/oil must shower before entering the water.

    9. Infants in diapers must wear rubber pants over their diapers.

    10. No portion of the pool area may be reserved for private use.

    11. The following behavior is prohibited in the pool:

      1. Running, pushing, ducking, rough play, standing or sitting on another's shoulders,

      2. Loud, abusive, or profane language.

      3. Spouting of water and similar unhygienic actions.

      4. Diving.

    12. There is no lifeguard on duty – THE USE OF THE POOL IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    13. No floats are to be used in the pool with the exception of young children's swimming aids.

    14. Radios and other similar sound devices are only allowed when used with earphones to avoid disturbance to others.

    15. Please use proper waste receptacles for all refuse.

    16. Any loud noises, parties or disturbances will result in you being asked to leave the pool area.

    17. Pool chairs are first come, first served basis. Any towels or belongings left unattended will be your own responsibility.

    18. Poolside furniture is not to be removed from the pool area.

    19. All persons shall obey posted instructions, as well as verbal instructions from the Association Staff or Tiki Bar Staff.  If there are questions about the applicability of the rules in particular instances, the judgment of the Association or Tiki Bar Staff shall prevail.

    20. The pool may be closed at any time, due to either safety, breakdown or other operational difficulties, and/or at the discretion of the Association Management. All pool areas will be closed during electrical storms.


    1. Visitors, Tenants, Guests or Unit Owners shall not be permitted to reserve the private use of the Patio areas. Patio Areas will be available on a First-come, First-use basis.

    2. The Patio areas include: Courtyard Area A, Courtyard Area B, North and South Beach Areas. 

    3. Restrooms adjacent to the Courtyard cannot be reserved for exclusive use.

    4. The common area usage will be allowed between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., seven days a week and limited to a period of 2 hours per group.

    5. Group sizes are limited to the number of patio chairs normally placed in each area.

    6. Use of these areas are only permitted to Unit Owners or Hotel Room Guests.

    7. Events are not allowed.

    8. It is the Guest's responsibility to leave the area in the same conditions as it was found. Clean up will include placing trash in the allocated receptacles.

    9. Any damage caused to the area by a Guest/Owner's use of the common area, may be charged to the Owner of the Unit.

    10. Smoking is prohibited in all patio areas.

    11. No pets allowed. (Enforcement in accordance with Federal Laws relating to Service animals and Emotional support animals)

    12. Live bands, amplified equipment and/or DJ's are not allowed. Management has the right to terminate the use of the area if any music or loud talking is determined to be a nuisance to other guests.

    13. Decorations are not allowed in the areas.

    14. The Association's video monitoring of the facilities will continue uninterrupted throughout the period during which any area is used by Guests/Owners.

    15. Association staff will continue to have access to the facility during the time the areas are used to safeguard the Association's interest and ensure conformation to the Association's Rules and Regulations.

    16. Association personnel may terminate the use of the areas if there is a serious violation(s) of the Rules and Regulations.

    17. Furniture that are moved must be put back in place before leaving.

    18. In accordance with the Florida Fire Prevention Code (Fifth Edition), effective December 31, 2014, no hibachis, grills or other similar devices for cooking, heating or any other purpose shall be used, kindled or stored on terraces or any other Limited Common Element areas, or within 10 feet of the Building or other structure. This includes the patio areas.

  23. All Unit Owners must be available or have a Local Rental Agent/Local Friend who can respond to emergency situations that may occur in the Owner’s unit. The Association Maintenance staff is available to respond to situations that occur in the Building but are not available to respond to emergency situations inside Units. If the Association is unable to contact the Owner, their Rental Agent/Responsible local person, the Association will attend to the emergency and bill any costs and charges to the Owner.

  24. All Owners(or their Rental Agents) must post the Island Inn Condominium Guest Rules on the Inside of their Unit Front Door so that guests and visitors have quick access to the property rules.

  25. Standard Hospitality grade Door Locks are approved by the Association and used for Guest Rooms building-wide. Owners are required to conform to the Building’s Standard Door Lock Policy.

  26. Association staff is not permitted to perform any work or favors for any Unit Owners or inside any Units.


    1. Owners are required to perform or instruct their Rental Agent to perform AC Unit Drip Pan and Drain line maintenance. This maintenance must be performed at least twice annually and specifically whenever any water is leaking from the AC drip pan or drain line onto the unit balcony or inside the unit. The constant dripping of AC vapor poses a real risk of structural damage to the building and balcony concrete slabs.

    2. To assist the Association with containing rising Utility costs, Cleaners are requested to set AC units to 72 Degree-Fahrenheit as part of their room cleaning routine.

    3. Any structural changes and remodeling projects must be approved by the Board. Ensure Board approval has been granted before beginning any substantial changes. Owners are required to complete the Alteration Request Form.


  1. No unit shall be used for any purpose other than as a separate and distinct commercial motel rental unit. This provision cannot be amended without the unanimous consent of all unit owners and mortgagees,

  2. Unit owners are responsible for the rental of their individual units, as well as the control of their tenants and guests.

  3. All unit owners shall keep and maintain the interior of their respective units in good condition and repair, including the entire air conditioning system (compressor, ducts, vents, etc,) servicing the respective owners' condominium units, whether inside or outside owners' condominium units, and the interior wall, ceiling and floor surfaces.

  4. Without prior written approval of the Board of Directors of the Association, no unit owner shall cause any sign of any nature whatsoever to be posted or affixed to any of the common elements, or in his respective unit, if such sign may be seen from any portion of the common elements,

  5. A unit owner shall be liable to the Association for damage to the common elements caused by the unit owner, or the invitee, lessee or tenant of the unit owner. Each unit owner agrees to use the common elements only in accordance with such reasonable rules and regulations as are promulgated from time to time by the directors of the Association for the use thereof.

  6. All common hallways and passages shall be kept free for their intended use by the unit owners in common, and shall in no event be used as storage areas by the individual unit owners, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

  7. No clothing, bedding or other similar items shall be dried or aired in any outdoor area, nor shall same be dried or aired in any unit where such clothing, bedding or other similar items may be seen from the common elements,

  8. All garbage or trash shall be placed in sealed plastic bags and placed in the disposal installations provided for such purposes by the Association,

  9. No occupant may make or permit any disturbing noises in the building or on the condominium property, whether made by himself, his family, friends, guests or servants, nor do or permit anything to be done by such persons that would interfere with the rights, comfort or other conveniences of other occupants, No occupant may play or suffer to be played any musical instrument, phonograph, radio or television set in his condominium unit or on or about the condominium property between the hours of 12:30 A.M. and the following 8:00 A.M., if the same shall in any manner disturb or annoy the other occupants of the condominium.

  10. No alteration of, or addition to, a unit shall be made, nor shall the color of the exterior of a unit be changed, including the exterior portion of the unit that is within the patio enclosure, without the prior approval of the Board of Directors of the Association, or such other body as the Board of Directors may designate (the "approving body"). The approving body may base its approval or disapproval on considerations of safety, health, esthetics or such additional or alternative criteria as may be established by the Board of Directors.

  11. No pets may be brought onto or maintained on the condominium property or any individual unit. (Enforcement in accordance with Federal Laws relating to Service animals and Emotional support animals)

  12. Unit owners shall conserve electricity and do hereby grant the Condominium Association, its agents and employees, the right to enter into each condominium unit for the purpose of controlling or eliminating any wasteful use of electricity.

  13. Unit owners must provide for pest control in their individual units if the Condominium Association does not do so as part of the common expenses.

  14. Unit owners will comply with rules and regulations of any federal, state or local governmental agency which exercises authority over the condominium property,

  15. All commercial vehicles of any kind or description, campers, boats and boat trailers, and trailers are specifically prohibited from any portion of the condominium property, unless placed in a proper parking area designed to park these vehicles. No vehicles shall be stored on the premises.

  16. All Unit owners that use a rental agent at the Island Inn Condominium Motel Association, Inc., shall require that said agent include in all rental agreements a provision that would and does grant to the Board of Directors of the Island Inn Condominium Motel Association, Inc. the power and authority to inspect the records of the rental agent(s) on a quarterly basis, for the purpose of determining that favoritism is not being practiced by the rental agent(s) in the rental of owner’s units.

  17. There shall be only one rental office allowed to operate within or upon the Island Inn Condominium Motel Complex. The rental office shall be located in Commercial Condominium Unit 101-office as identified in the Declaration of Condominium of the Island Inn Condominium Motel Association, Inc. Said rental office and the employees of said rental office, are subject to the rules and regulations, declaration of Condominium and By-Laws of the Island Inn Condominium Motel Association, Inc.

  18. The Rental Office/Rental Agent at the Island Inn Condominium Motel Association, Inc., shall be required to maintain, at all times, a guest register which guest register shall provide all occupancy information of each unit of the Island Inn Condominium Motel as may be required by the Board of Directors.

  19. All Unit Owners are required to deposit in the rental office located at the Island Inn Condominium Hotel, keys to the rental units owned by each Unit Owner.


In the event a unit  owner is in violation of the terms and provisions of any of the foregoing restrictions and, after notification by the Board of Directors, continues to violate such restriction, such unit owner shall pay for the costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees of legal proceedings brought to enforce the violated restriction, together with reasonable attorney's fees for any appellate proceedings, provided that the party seeking to enforce the restriction has been successful in the litigation.

The Association shall have the right to make and amend reasonable rules and regulations consistent with standard practices of the motel industry in the Pinellas County area, respecting the use of the Property in the Condominium as is provided for in the Articles.



  1. The owner of each condominium unit at his own expense shall see to and be responsible for the maintenance of his unit, its interior wall, ceiling and floor surfaces, and all equipment and fixtures therein and all limited common elements assigned to his unit, including but not limited to all air conditioning equipment (including compressors for his unit located within a unit or on the common elements), and must promptly correct any condition which would, if left uncorrected, cause any damage to another unit, and shall be responsible for any damages caused by his willful, careless or negligent failure to act. Furthermore, the owner of each unit shall at his own expense be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance, including but not limited to painting, re-plastering, sealing and polishing, of the interior finished surfaces of the perimeter walls, ceiling and floor which constitute the boundary lines of the unit (including the attached balconies, terraces or patios and limited common elements) ; and such owner shall at his own expense maintain and replace when necessary all screening within his unit and within the perimeter walls of his unit (including its attached balconies, terraces or patios and limited common elements); and all window and plate glass in windows and plate glass in the perimeter walls of the unit and its attached balconies, terraces or patios, The foregoing maintenance and repair obligation notwithstanding, the Condominium Association, its agents, directors, officers or employees, in the exercise of their discretion, may require established levels of maintenance and upkeep of the various condominium unit owners with respect to their balconies, terraces or patios and limited common elements and may reasonably regulate and control and make rules relating to the appearance, painting and decorating and utilization of the balconies, terraces or patios and limited common elements. The Condominium Association, its agents, directors, officers or employees, may likewise undertake the painting, maintenance and/or repair of all exterior walls of the Condominium, whether or not falling within a balcony, terrace or patio, balustrade or railing or limited common elements, as part of any overall program of maintenance and repair.

  2. In the event of damage to an individual condominium unit or units, the Condominium Association, in its sole discretion, shall have the right, but not the responsibility, to immediately repair all or any portion of the damage, including, but not limited to, structural repair, cosmetic repair, electrical or plumbing repair to the damaged unit or units, Any expenses incurred by the Association in carrying out these repairs shall be paid by the unit owner or owners whose unit or units were repaired, If not promptly paid, these expenses shall become an assessment on the particular unit or units repaired. The assessments shall be secured by the lien rights of the Association described in Article XVI of this Declaration.

  3. No owner of a condominium unit shall make or cause to be made any structural modifications or alterations in his unit, or in the water, gas, electrical, plumbing, air conditioning equipment or utilities therein, without the consent of the Association, which consent may be withheld in the event the Board of Directors determines that such structural alteration or modification would in any manner endanger the building. If the modification or alteration desired by a unit owner involves the removal of any permanent interior partition, the Association may permit same if the same is not a load bearing partition and if the same does not interfere with any common utility source.

  4. No unit owner shall cause any improvements or changes to be made to the exterior of the building, including but not limited to painting, installation of electric wires, TV antennae or air-conditioning units which may protrude through the walls or roof of the building, install hanging plants or lights on balconies, terraces, patios or exterior walls, or in any other manner change the appearance of the exterior of the building or any portion of the building not totally within the unit, without consent of the Association.

  5. No unit owner nor any other person shall install upon the roof or exterior of the Condominium Building upon the Condominium Property, or upon the common elements or limited common elements of the Condominium, any TV antennae, radio antennae, electric, electronic or electro-mechanical device, decorative item or affixed furnishing without the consent of the Association.

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