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Island Inn Condominium Association

2022-23 Special Assessment

Last Updated: 1/05/2024 

Welcome to the Island Inn Owner's Special Assessment Information page. 

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Building Closure Dates

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Dear Island Inn Owner,


Our biggest project, the Concrete and Structural remediation project, is nearing its final stages. The Construction team maintained very good momentum while working on the Southern half of the building over the last few months, and as with the Northern half of the building, the Construction team and Engineers discovered a substantial number of areas where additional concrete and structural work were required. Unfortunately, the additional work added pressure on the cost of the Project and planned completion dates. It is however imperative that we complete the work required to ensure that we restore the structural integrity of the building and make sure that the building envelope is completely waterproof.


Completion of work affecting units in Southern half of building:

The Southern part of the building and pool area will be completely closed down as a construction zone until 2/16/2024.


South-End walkways:

Work on the walkways in the Southern end of the building is highly dependent on having clear weather conditions and even though the team plans to have work completed by 2/16/2024, this could be negatively impacted by rainy weather conditions.


South-End parking space:

The parking around and under the South-End building will be closed until the end of February 2024. Work on the exterior of the building will continue during this period.


North-End Balconies:

We informed the team that we do not accept the finishes that were applied to the balconies on the North-End. The product used shows all uneven spots on the floors and we asked them to re-do the balconies with another product that will hide imperfections. The work to remove the old product and apply the new product on the balconies, will be scheduled to take place over the next two months with a planned completion date of 2/29/2024. The team will try their best to stage the work while units are vacant and complete the work before our busy season starts in March. The additional work will  cause inconvenience to owners and guests, but will be well worth completing.


Please note that these dates can be impacted by weather or additional work discovered. The team is doing everything possible to keep to the schedule.

Special Assessment Projects - Progress Summary

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Special Assessment Projects Detail

Seawall Repair

Plumbing Project

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