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Island Inn Condominium Association

2022-23 Special Assessment

Welcome to the Island Inn Owner's Special Assessment Information page. 

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Building Closure Dates


Dear Island Inn Owner,


We received confirmation from the Construction Company that they will be able to complete major work on the North-end of the building by 30 September 2023. However they will still have work left on some of the Unit balconies, Building Facade wall, and elevator landings that will impact full availability of the North-end.


North-end Unit availability:

Availability dates for Unit numbers:

X02 and X04               9/29/2023

X01, X03 and X05       9/29/2023

X06, X07 and X08       10/7/2023

X09, X10 and X11        10/14/2023


Elevator Landings:

Work will take place on the Elevator landings on each floor between 9/18/2023and 10/7/2023.

Alternate floors will be closed down so that access to all floors will be available by using the Elevators/Stairwells.


Building facade wall and North-end parking garage:

Work on the Building Facade tower and parking garage follows the work inside the building, and these areas will undergo construction work up until 10/14/2023.


Building South-end Closure:

The team confirmed that they will start work on the South-end of the building on 10/16/2023. This part of the building will be closed down for use from the morning of 10/16/2023.


Please note that these dates can be impacted by weather and the team is doing everything possible to keep to the schedule.

We are please that the Construction Team could work with our requests to always have one side of the building operational, and not close the entire building at any time.

Special Assessment Projects - Progress Summary


Special Assessment Projects Detail

Seawall Repair

Plumbing Project

Luggage Carts

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